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Aluminum vs Vinyl Fence: 8 Factors to Consider

Last time, we compared vinyl fences vs wood fences. And vinyl was the winner by beating wood in 6 of the 9 categories we talked about. Today, we’ll see another interesting battle: aluminum vs vinyl fence.

When it comes to fencing, there are different applications for front yard ideas, privacy fence ideas for backyard, and there are other fences that are mere ornamental.

When comparing aluminum and vinyl, you’ll notice that they are quite different materials. And your fence choice will come down to your needs and the ideal material for your specific situation.

It’s our duty as a, fence contractor serving Brooklyn, and Queens, NY, to help you make the right decision for your property.

Aluminum vs vinyl fence: Which is better for you? If you are building a privacy fence, your best option is vinyl fences. If you want a fence that almost lasts a lifetime, then, you should install aluminum fences. The other factors are just a thing of choice and taste.

Aluminum vs Vinyl Fence: 8 Decisive Differences

1. A Battle of Beauty & Classiness

Beautiful Beige and White Vinyl Fence in Front Yard

Aluminum and vinyl fences are almost equal in beauty and classiness. For instance, if you want the imponent and sturdy appearance of a wrought iron fence without the weight and expense, go for aluminum.

Now, if you like the classiness of wood fences but you want to avoid extensive maintenance requirements, vinyl is the perfect choice for you. When it comes to vinyl fence colors, nowadays, manufacturers are offering a wide range of hues like tan, gray, wood grain, black, etc.

When considering the beauty and design attributes of these two types of fences, there isn’t a clear “winner.” This round will come out as a tie.

Score: Aluminum Fence: 1; Vinyl Fence: 1

2. Variety of Styles and Versatility

White Vinyl Fence with Charming Entry Arbor in a House Front Yard

Aluminum fences come in a wide variety of styles that can be adjusted to fit your landscape. So, you can use it on flat surfaces as well as sloped land without worrying about ugly gaps and awkward transitions. And you can install your aluminum fence with spikes for added security.

When it comes to vinyl fences, you get even more variety of styles than aluminum fences. You can choose from privacy fences, picket fences that mimic wood, and even post-and-rail fences. Also, vinyl can be manufactured to mimic ornamental wrought iron fences.

For this great versatility, variety of styles & imitation capabilities, vinyl fence is victorious in this round.

Score: Aluminum Fence: 1; Vinyl Fence: 2

What About Your Privacy?

Gray and white vinyl privacy fence
Is privacy a big thing for your new fencing project? If you need a front yard privacy fence to block out your neighbors, the busy street, or the ugly yard next-door, you should install a vinyl fence. Also, when it comes to privacy, vinyl fences are the ideal choice for pool enclosures. So, in this round, the vinyl privacy fence is the clear winner.

Score: Aluminum Fence: 1; Vinyl Fence: 3

How Much Is Vinyl Fencing? Is It Cheaper than Aluminum?

If you are looking this decision from your budget’s perspective, here are the typical prices that most homeowners pay in average:

Vinyl fence: $3,770

Aluminum fence: $3,780

So, when comparing the cost of vinyl fence and aluminum fence, we can say both are in the same price range. Another tie in this furious duel.

Score: Aluminum Fence: 2; Vinyl Fence: 3

Which Fence Material Is Stronger?

Aluminum Fence Material Is Stronger than Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence may take the lead in terms of privacy, but when it comes to material sturdiness, aluminum fence beats vinyl by far.

With its moderate weight and resilience, aluminum fences can create a robust barrier that will safeguard your loved ones and home for decades to come.

Score: Aluminum Fence: 3; Vinyl Fence: 3

How Long Does Aluminum Fence Last Compared to Vinyl?

Aluminum Fences Have a Lifespan Of 50+ Years

Vinyl fence lasts 30 years. That’s awesome.

But few things compare to and outlive aluminum fences. Why?

Since aluminum is lightweight and strong, it enjoys unsurpassed durability! When properly maintained, aluminum fences have a lifespan of 50+ years. That’s almost a lifetime. Mind-blowing!

Now, aluminum takes the lead.

Score: Aluminum Fence: 4; Vinyl Fence: 3

Invest on Maintenance-Free Materials

Guess what???…

This fierce battle is far from over. Both aluminum and vinyl fences are maintenance-free materials.

How do you maintain your aluminum or vinyl fence as beautiful as the first day you installed it? You only need to occasionally wash the fence with water and soap and that’s all it normally takes to take care of your vinyl or aluminum fence.

None of these fence materials are vulnerable to mold, termites, warping, rotting & deterioration like wood. So, they are a smart way to invest your money.

So, once again we have a tie. Without doubts, this battle has been intense.

Score: Aluminum Fence: 5; Vinyl Fence: 4

Are Aluminum & Vinyl Fences Eco-friendly?

Aluminum is the 13th chemical element in the periodic table. Whereas, we can’t say the same of vinyl because it’s a manmade type of plastic.

So, what’s more eco-friendly?

A metal created by nature or a plastic made by man? Aluminum wins this round because it can be recycled, and it gives you the peace of mind that you are investing in a fencing option that doesn’t increase your carbon footprint.

Score: Aluminum Fence: 6; Vinyl Fence: 4

Aluminum vs Vinyl Fence: Which Is Better for You?

This debate was a close one.

Even though aluminum managed to win this battle 6 to 4 against vinyl, the war is far from over. So, which is better for you? If you are building a privacy fence, your best option is vinyl fences. If you want a fence that almost lasts a lifetime, then, you should install aluminum fences.

Your decision will be based primarily on these two factors, privacy and longevity. The other factors are just a thing of choice and taste. With both aluminum and vinyl fences, you get almost the same price, beauty, classiness & maintenance requirements.

If you still haven’t made your mind on which fence material to choose, you can take a look at the benefits of vinyl fences and read, as well, the advantages of aluminum fences. If you still need professional assistance from a trusted fence contractor near Queens, NY, call us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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