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Chain Link Fence in Elmhurst, Queens

Chain link fence (also known as diamond-mesh fence, cyclone fence or hurricane fence) is very popular in Elmhurst, Queens because it brings many benefits. So, to enjoy all these benefits you should trust Frank Fence & Construction with your residential chain link fence installation in Elmhurst, Queens, NY. We’re a punctual, diligent, reasonably-priced & neat fence company.

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Enjoy the Benefits of a Chain Link Fence with Us!

The 7 main benefits of installing a chain link fence are:

  1. Affordability
  2. Visibility
  3. Durability
  4. Security and Safety
  5. Variety and Customizability
  6. Quick and Easy to Install
  7. Low Maintenance

Sure thing! This type of fence offers many benefits. But here is the tricky part. Not all fencing companies are the same. So, to guarantee you get all these benefits from your residential chain link fence in Elmhurst, Queens, NY, you need to work with an accurate, diligent & experienced fence contractor.

For instance, if a diamond-mesh fence is weaker in certain spots that can become a security and safety breach. So, the fence installation process requires precision to enhance the safety of your property.

Chain Link Fence Installation in Howard Beach, Queens

When designed and installed correctly, this type of fence not only keeps intruders out but it also helps to keep your children and pets inside your yard, preventing them from wandering off and getting lost or hurt. So, without a doubt, diamond-mesh fences are a practical option for security.

When hiring Frank Fence & Construction, you can enjoy the benefits of variety and customizability. In fact, you can install diamond-mesh fences in different materials such as galvanized, PVC coated or stainless steel. This of course will depend on your taste and budget. And regarding the height, you can also pick to install any height you like going from 4 feet, 6 feet to even 8 feet chain link fences. So, it all depends on your unique needs.

Another reason why diamond-mesh fences are popular is because they are effectively see-through. So, homeowners love to install them because it allows them to enjoy the scenery of the city.

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Communication with Our Clients Is the Key to Our Success

Since we know that our clients are investing their hard-earned money, and trusting us with their dream projects, we are committed to their happiness, fulfillness, and satisfaction.

We understand that homeowners like you not only need lasting, affordable & nice-looking fences. You are here because you need an overall wonderful experience.

To deliver a great service, we’re friendly, supportive, honest, and always offer expert & reliable advice to make sure your project is accomplished in every detail you asked for.

Another satisfied client of Frank Fence & Construction wrote the following in our Google reviews: “Frank was always available to answer all of my questions every hour of the day.”

And that’s right. We pledge to always answer your calls and messages throughout the whole process. And with our communication, commitment, and durable fences, we have been able to become a successful fence contractor in Elmhurst, Queens, NY.

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We work by the motto: “Eager to make the job perfect for the homeowner.” And since every homeowner has different plans, budgets, houses, and conditions, we make sure to deliver a custom fence installation service.

When you need an accountable fence company in Elmhurst, Queens, NY, Frank Fence & Construction is your best choice.

We offer a 2-year warranty on the labor and material of all our fences. Besides, we guarantee only premier quality materials made in the USA for the construction of our fences.

This warranty is part of the commitment we have with our clients. We back up our work, and if something in your fence gets broken or loose, we’ll go to your property and fix it as soon as possible.

*Warranty Disclaimer: Our warranty doesn’t cover hurricane/heavy storm damage.

Call us, tell us what you dream of achieving with your fencing project, and we’ll pour all our energy, passion, skills, precision & talent to astonish you with a yard fence that gives you security, delimits your property & keeps your kids and pets from going outside your house boundaries.