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As a successful fence company in Flushing, Queens, Frank Fence & Construction has the key to success, always being in contact with you. Also, we offer a 2-year warranty on the labor and material of all our fences. If something is not ok, we back up our work by fixing it ASAP. Hire us– a punctual, diligent, reasonably-priced & neat fence company.

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Our Fence Installation & Replacement Will Add Style and Value

Knowledge is power! We are very professional and knowledgeable fence installers. Over the years, we have honed our skills. So, now we are a capable crew that can fence your yard in a few days, sometimes on the same day, while delivering accurate results.

Our pro fence team always pays attention to every conventional and extraordinary task, following our task list and remembering the basic steps like delimiting the site accurately for fence construction and installing the selected accessories.

We can give you more than a fence; we add a deluxe touch to your yard. Our unmatched craftsmanship provides solid and durable barriers.

White Vinyl Fence with Charming Entry Arbor in a House Front Yard
Chain Link Fence Installation in Long Island, NY

Chain Link Fences in Flushing, Queens: Blend Safety and Style

Our chain link fence service provides security and style. Welcome the durability and low maintenance of this barrier on your property.

Frank Fence & Construction is an expert fence installer providing top-quality, weather-resistant chain link fences designed to withstand the test of time.

We ensure protection but put all the effort into taking care of aesthetics. Don’t wait anymore—transform your property today and enjoy customizable height and color options tomorrow.

Discover and experiment with the perfect blend of safety and style. Your fence contractor in Flushing, Queens is here to help you. Contact us and get our cost-effective, professional, and reliable service.

Vinyl Fence Installation: Show Off Your Colors!

White is the most popular PVC fence color, but you can include gray, wood grain, tan, black, red, brown, beige, and many other colors within the infinite color options. We are your optimal fence contractor, ready to help you with your vinyl fence installation.

Frank Fence & Construction not only builds fences but also creates environments. If you want your yard to look fresh, you can paint your PVC fence with the colors of nature, like light blue and others, such as yellow and dove gray, associated with health, renewal, growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.

Flushing, Queens counts with a fence company committed to impacting your life positively and outstandingly, providing high-quality design and displaying our customer’s personalities, preferences, and unique styles in every fence project.

Enjoy the Elegance of Our Railing Installation Service

Frank Fence & Construction is a friendly, accurate, neat railing company in Flushing, Queens.

Our expert railing installers ensure precision, safety, and durability with every indoor or outdoor railing installation job, giving you confidence and providing the transformation of your stairs, decks, and balconies. We offer various customizable options to suit any taste and budget.

With our premium railing installation service, you can upgrade your property, adding sophistication. Let our seasoned professionals guide you in choosing the perfect railing design for reliable support.