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Installing a fence around your property will add safety, delimit your property, and add privacy to your house. If you have children and pets, a fence installation can add a layer of protection to your loved ones. If you need a reliable, accountable & affordable fence contractor in Brooklyn, NY, you should trust Frank Fence & Construction. Call us and we’ll guarantee reasonable prices and high-quality work all the time.

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PVC Fence & Chain Link Fence: Which Is Your Favorite?

In Brooklyn, NY, the two most popular choices are PVC fences and chain link fences. Which one is your favorite?

The benefits of installing a PVC fence are that it is nearly five times as strong as wood, requires little maintenance, and is less expensive than a wood and aluminum fence. And it offers privacy and safety for your loved ones.

In the case of a chain link fence, it offers different benefits compared to PVC panel fences. For instance, chain link fences are affordable, quick to install, effectively see-through, require little maintenance, durable, easy repair, and add security to your house.

Both types of fences are wonderful. If you want privacy, you should pick a PVC fence. And if you are looking for the most affordable solution, chain link fence is the go to choice.

Chain Link Fence Installation in Howard Beach, Queens
Call a Diligent & Neat Fence Contractor in Brooklyn, NY

Call A Punctual, Diligent & Neat Fence Contractor In Brooklyn, NY

Besides offering top-notch and affordable fencing work, our company follows the values of punctuality, diligence, precision, and neatness. Frank Fence & Construction crew always shows up punctual and early. And not only that, we make sure to complete your project in a timely manner, just as we stipulate in our contracts.

Our workers are also diligent and hardworking, always having in mind that our primary mission is to amaze you with a gorgeous and durable fence. Any issues and concerns you might have will be addressed in a timely manner because in the end our serving attitude defines everything we do.

Thanks to our many years of experience as a fence contractor in Brooklyn, NY, we have honed our skills to the point that precision is our everyday way to build fences, gates, and outdoor concrete features for our clients.

Last but not least, we are very clean and neat workers. When replacing a fence in your property, we will take the old fence away and will not leave a trace of the old material. Upon project completion, we’ll wash your newly installed fence, gate, patio, or stone work, leaving it looking spotless. We promise to always leave your yard completely neat, organized, and clean.

Commitment & Communication Are the Key to Our Success

Since we know that our clients are investing their hard-earned money, and trusting us with their dream projects, we are committed to their happiness, fulfillness, and satisfaction.

We understand that homeowners like you not only need lasting, affordable & nice-looking fences. You are here because you need an overall wonderful experience. So, we’re friendly, supportive, honest, and always offer expert & reliable advice to make sure your project is accomplished in every detail you asked for.

Another satisfied client of Frank Fence & Construction wrote the following in our Google reviews: “Frank was always available to answer all of my questions every hour of the day.”

And that’s right. We pledge to always answer your calls and messages throughout the whole process. And we’ll explain things in a simple yet thorough way so that you are aware of what’s going on in your yard and fencing project each day.

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Whether you need to replace a rotten wooden picket fence to a modern PVC fence, you can trust in the fast, efficient, courteous, and clean team of Frank Fence & Construction.

We are highly professional, deliver timely results, and use only high-quality materials. In fact, we offer a 2-year warranty in labor and material of all our fences. Besides, we guarantee only premier quality materials made in the USA for the construction of our fences.

Gray and white vinyl privacy fence

Our fence warranty is part of the commitment we have with our clients. We back up our work, and if something in your fence gets broken or loose, we’ll go to your property and fix it as soon as possible. *Warranty Disclaimer: Our fence warranty doesn’t cover hurricane/heavy storm damage.

Call us, tell us all about your fencing project, and we’ll pour all our energy, passion, skills, precision & talent to astonish you with a yard fence that gives you privacy, security, delimits your property & keeps your kids and pets from going outside your house boundaries. After you get our fence installation in Brooklyn, NY, we are sure your neighbors will complement your new, sturdy & gorgeous fence!