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Stockade Fences: An Ancient Defense Barrier

Stockade fence is a type of wood fence widely seen in movies depicting ancient military. This is a peculiar fence constructed with wood boards with pointed edges, placed side by side vertically.

Stockade fences are easier to maintain than other fence styles because it only requires maintenance once a year or two, depending on the weather and type of barrier you use.

Stockade fences are among the most durable barriers. These kinds of wood fences are designed for longevity. And it is even an affordable option for you.

It usually has a rough but great appearance so that you can have many advantages, like privacy protection and an excellent look around your home.

5 Types of Stockade Fences That Will Enhance Your House

You can choose from many kinds of woods to build stockade fences depending on your preferences and needs. For example, you have….

  • Spruce
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Pressure-Treated




It is a type of fence that can last over 4 to 7 years (it all depends on the maintenance); however, it is not compared to the durability of other kinds of fences, which makes it less costly, being a good option for homeowners with limited budgets.

This material is an affordable and relatively durable option for any fence project when well cared for–including sealing and resealing the wood to protect it from the elements. Spruce fences are typically whitish and darken to a rustic gray over the years.


This kind of stockade fence leaves us speechless with its beauty and resistance, especially when discussing outdoor applications.

Even though it does not require much maintenance, you must do it regularly if you want it to last as long as possible because an untreated cedar fence can last from 15 to 30 years, and a treated one can last over 40 years.

Some of its benefits are that it requires lower maintenance and is a more robust and durable option than others. They can also prevent warping, rotting, and shrinking without much supervision.



Treated pine wood fences guarantee durability and can last longer than other fence materials. Additionally, they require less maintenance and can be easily customized to fit any backyard landscape.

This is one of the most used and dependable types of fence, and one of the benefits of pine stockade fence is its durability and strength.

Pine wood fences that have been treated with preservatives are strong enough to last for many years. This means that homeowners can enjoy the beauty of a wood fence without worrying about frequent repairs or replacing it in a short period.


Redwood is the high-end option for fencing materials; however, it is more expensive than tropical wood materials and is also known for its resistance to insects, decay, and warping.

You also have a wide variety of fencing styles, and you can use horizontal or vertical boards.

An advantage of installing redwood fences is that insects do not affect them. Redwoods produce natural oils that have been found to repel insects naturally attracted to wooden surfaces, such as termites and carpenter ants. Thus, your fence will last a long time.

And also, redwood fences are not affected by temperature fluctuation, unlike other fences that typically get cracked, warped, or twisted because of the weather. But this is not going to happen with redwood fences.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated timber protects against rot, decay, insect and fungal attacks. Pressure-treated wood holds its ground against biological and environmental elements, including termites and fungal decay.

It is incredibly durable, lasts 15 to 20 years, and is affordable.

The treatment involves chemical preservatives being forced deep into the middle of the wood (not just surface coating) to ensure enhanced protection to extend the life of the timber, as untreated wood will decay faster.

Stockade Fence Is a Fabulous Option to Protect Yourself

Installing a stockade fence is ideal for anyone who wants to guarantee privacy and safety. Because these fences are specially designed to supply any need that you have, they can help you enclose a yard with a pool; this type of fence adds privacy to your backyard. It can also significantly help your security because the pointy boards on top are designed to deter intrusion.

As mentioned, stockade fences have no gaps to peek through, keeping your backyard secure & private. This makes it an excellent option for families with children, dogs, or any pets who play outside during the day or anyone who owns a pool. With expertly designed stockade fencing, your yard can be a haven from prying eyes.

Whether you want to improve your safety or privacy, our stockade fences are your best option because they will be designed to fit your needs.

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