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6 Types of Privacy Fences: Find the Ideal Material for You

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We all value privacy. Picture yourself in your backyard celebrating a loved one’s birthday. You definitely need some privacy in your backyard. No doubt! So, to help achieve that, we’ll tell you about the 6 best types of privacy fences.

6 Types of Privacy Fences: Build Security Around You

  1. Wood Privacy Fences (Appealing & Unique)
  2. Vinyl Privacy Fences (Durable & Insect-Resistant)
  3. Aluminum-Vinyl Privacy Fences (The Best Combination)
  4. Composite Fences (Weather-Resistant & Durable)
  5. Corrugated Metal Fences (Utilitarian & Affordable)
  6. Chain Link Fence with Privacy Slats (Make It a Privacy Fence)

1. Wood Privacy Fences

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We, humans, have used wood for several purposes for a long time. And one of the favorite uses of wood is for building fences. Wood fences can be built with different styles to satisfy different ends. For instance, you can choose from semi-private picket fences to full privacy fences.

Today, we’ll tell you what makes wood privacy fences unique.

First of all, wood is beautiful. It took years and divine touch to achieve the design of wood grains and patterns. So, by adding a wood privacy fence, no other house in the world will have a fence that looks like yours because wood grains and patterns are non-repeatable.

Besides adding to the curb appeal of your home, wood fences do the remarkable job of keeping your yard protected from prying eyes.

The biggest drawback of this type of privacy fence is that it requires regular cleaning, staining, and replacement of wood panels to keep it looking appealing.

And only when properly maintained, wood fences can last 20 years.

2. Vinyl Privacy Fences

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Without exaggerating, vinyl privacy fences have taken the world by storm. In a recent blog post, we compared Vinyl vs Wood Fences to help you pick the best material for you! In a nutshell, the three biggest reasons why many homeowners prefer vinyl over wood fences are: A vinyl fence does a great job mimicking a real wood fence. Now, I will give you the two other reasons!

Termites Don’t Eat Plastic

Insects are the nemesis of wood. But termites don’t eat plastic or vinyl. So, you’ll not have to worry about insect damage.

Although fake “vinyl” fences will never look as wonderful, pleasing, and classic as a wood privacy fence, they still do a good job mimicking wood.

Vinyl Panels Are Water-Resistant

Being an organic material, wood rots due to water. And if homeowners don’t stay on top of its maintenance, wood will decay at a faster rate. In the case of vinyl panels, they are a type of plastic fence made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). When it rains, water will slide down, and it will never penetrate the vinyl planks because they are impermeable. Also, when it comes to privacy, vinyl fences are the ideal choice for backyards and pool enclosures. So, by installing a vinyl privacy fence, you’ll get the best of three worlds: private, appealing, and maintenance-free fences.

3. Aluminum-Vinyl Privacy Fences

Aluminum and vinyl are one of the best fence materials ever used. In fact, it was hard to define a winner when we compared Aluminum vs Vinyl Fences.

Since both materials went toe-to-toe in showing off their benefits, just imagine how awesome it is to combine both and create the ultimate privacy fence.

These types of barriers enjoy the sturdiness of aluminum posts and rails with the privacy and beauty of vinyl panels in the middle. Basically, you will get the best of both worlds.

4. Composite Fences

Speaking of having the best of both worlds, you can never go wrong with composite privacy fences. These panels are made from a mixture of real wood with plastic. So, the wood will create a natural charm and look, while the plastic resins will make it weather, insect, mold & rot-resistant.

As a result, composite fences will last more than 30 years without showing wear and tear. This is longer than wood, because only when properly maintained, wood fences reach a 20-year lifespan.

5. Corrugated Metal Fences

Corrugated Metal Fences Are More Utilitarian

Second to the last in our list, we have corrugated metal fences. These fences are made of a metal sheet that has been molded with ridges and grooves.

One of the best things about using this type of fence is that it’s affordable regarding the cost of material, labor & maintenance costs.

The only thing is that this type of fence is more utilitarian. Meaning that it fulfills a practical purpose which is adding security and privacy to your backyard rather than being an appealing fencing option.

6. Chain Link Fence with Privacy Slats

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Chain link fences, alone, are not a privacy fence type. But if you already have a chain link fence (also referred to as cyclone fence), it doesn’t mean that you need to replace it to have privacy. Instead, you can transform this mesh wire fence into a privacy fence type by adding privacy slats. You can find these privacy slats for as little as $75 in Home Depot. Since chain link fences have big openings, it’s easy to slide slats down the fence without means of attachment. Slats are commonly made of either aluminum or polyethylene. And you can find them in a variety of colors. So, basically, this will allow you to add privacy to your chain link fence without sacrificing its durability, affordability & functionality. Also, recently, we created an article on the inexpensive ways to cover a chain link fence to transform it into a privacy fence option.

Add Privacy for Your Family Gatherings!

We created this article because we know you consider privacy valuable. As fence builders, we also have a natural thing for privacy. We want you to enjoy your birthday parties in the comfort of your backyard while keeping your yard protected from prying eyes.

If you still haven’t made your mind on which type of privacy fence to choose, you can get our professional advice. We serve as a fence contractor in Queens, Brooklyn & Flushing, NY. Call us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you choose the right privacy fence that fits your needs, wants, and budget.

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