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5 Types of Wood Fences to Transform Your Yard

5 Types of Wood Fences to Transform Your Yard

A beautiful, well-built wooden fence can add charm, privacy, and value to your home. With various types, styles, and materials available, selecting the perfect wooden fence for your property can be challenging. This guide introduces you to the different types of wooden fences, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

Before we get into the main topic, here is a fun fact:

Who do you think where the first civilization to use wood fences?

According to an article by John Desmond Ltd, a designer, fabricator, and installer of specialist architectural metalwork, “The Greeks were the first to use a fence. Although in Athens, the land was kept based on social recognition, with no partitions, when they were outside of local boundaries, conquering territory in Asia Minor, the terrain was divided among themselves with partitions. Romans repeated the pattern.”

Types of Wood Fences: Add Privacy & Classiness to Your Home!

1. Picket Fences: Pick the American Dream!

Picket Fence Installation in Queens, NY: Pick the American Dream

One of the most iconic and timeless wooden fence styles, the picket fence is often associated with the American Dream. This type of fence features vertical wooden slats, or pickets, spaced evenly apart and attached to horizontal rails.

Picket fences are an excellent choice for front yards, as they provide a charming and welcoming appearance while maintaining a sense of openness.

Material options for picket fences include cedar, pressure-treated pine, and redwood. Cedar and redwood naturally resist decay and insects, while pressure-treated pine is more budget-friendly and can last for years when properly maintained.

2. Privacy Wood Fences: Block Prying Eyes!

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Everybody loves privacy. Protecting privacy is vital to ensure human dignity and safety. You must hide from people’s view to enjoy your backyard with your loved ones. Thus, wood privacy fences come in handy.

As the name suggests, privacy fences are designed to provide seclusion and security to your property. These fences typically stand at least six feet tall and feature tightly spaced boards or panels that create a solid barrier. Privacy fences are ideal for backyards, swimming pool enclosures, and property lines where added privacy is desired.

Common materials for privacy fences include cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine. While cedar and redwood have natural rot and insect resistance, pressure-treated pine offers a more affordable option with a comparable lifespan when appropriately maintained.

3. Stockade Fences: An Ancient Defense Barrier!

Stockade Fences: An Ancient Defense Barrier

In movies depicting ancient military, it’s common to see stockade fences. According to Wikipedia, a stockade is “an enclosure of palisades and tall walls, made of logs placed side by side vertically, with the tops sharpened as a defensive wall.”

As a security fence, troops would build a stockade by clearing a woodland space and using the trees whole or chopped in half, with one end sharpened on each. They would dig a narrow trench around the area and stand the sharpened logs side-by-side inside it, encircling the perimeter. Sometimes they would add additional defense by placing sharpened sticks in a shallow secondary trench outside the fence.

So, as you see, stockade fences have been a popular option for centuries (especially for military reasons).

Nowadays, homeowners can use wood stockade fences as a reliable solution for privacy and security. Stockade fences feature vertical, closely-spaced wooden boards, or pickets, with pointed tops attached to horizontal rails. This design creates a solid wall-like barrier that prevents outsiders from seeing through, offering a high level of privacy. The pointed tops also serve as a deterrent for potential intruders, adding an extra layer of security to your property.

With their simple design and solid construction, stockade fences can also add appeal to your property.

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and sealing or staining, is essential to preserve the appearance and durability of a stockade fence. This will protect the wood barrier from weather-related damage and keep it looking its best.

4. Horizontal Wood Fences: A Modern Option

Horizontal Wood Fence Installation in Queens, NY

This is so much fun to have so many options with wood fences. Horizontal wood fences have gained popularity recently for their modern, clean, and stylish appearance. These wood fences provide a refreshing alternative to traditional vertical fencing designs.

Installing a horizontal wood is a great way to create the perfect enclosure to host your family parties without worrying about the glancing eyes of passersby or neighbors.

Horizontal wood fences have horizontal boards or slats attached to vertical posts, creating a visually appealing pattern. This style of fencing is ideal for those who desire a sleek and minimalist look in their outdoor spaces.

5. Lattice Fences: See Through Your Style!

Lattice fences add a decorative touch to your property, but they sacrifice your privacy.

These fences feature a crisscross pattern of thin wooden slats, creating a lattice-like appearance.

Lattice can be used as standalone fencing, privacy fence toppers, or garden accents.

Pick the Best Wood Fence to Wow Your Neighbors!

Wood is beautiful. It took years and divine touch to design wood grains and patterns. So, by installing a wood fence, you’ll wow your neighbors.

If you haven’t decided which type of wood fence to choose, you can call us to book a free consultation to help you pick the fence that better fits your landscape and home design.

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